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Miami Grove Farms specializes in the organic growth of coconut palms. We harvest from a very young age with the best organic natural fertilizers, ensuring the quality of our coconuts, water, and pulp.

It is one of the most versatile and noble fruits of the earth, also called the tree of life. It is a zero-waste product that can be used from the flower, fruit, leaves, and trunk.


Our Species Maypan

It was developed to be resistant to Lethal Yellowing, is a hybrid of the Malayan Dwarf and Panama Tall. This coconut palms combination gives the Maypan an LY disease resistance approaching that of the Malayan Dwarf and much of the windstorm tolerance and height of Panama Tall, it can grow to approximately 18 meters in height. 

In other words, it has the best of both worlds! 



Common Name: Maypan Coconut

Scientific Name: Cocos Nucifera

Drought Tolerance: High

Origin: Jamaica

Zone: 10B-11

Typical Height: 50-80ft OA

Salt Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Moderate

Why coconut and what you can make with it? 



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